Have You Ever Used an Oral Yeast Treatment?

A yeast infection can often be one of the most uncomfortable and embarrassing things that a woman will go through. Despite the pain, many women resist going to the doctor or talking about their problems because they are too embarrassed to bring up the topic. However, if you are searching for a yeast treatment that will help to alleviate your pain and burning, look for an oral solution.

Frankly, many of the choices that women have for treating a yeast infection are messy. The most popular candida cure involves a great deal of vaginal preparations that have to be inserted into your body at various times throughout the day. These thrush cure ideas may or may not work and in the end, you might be stuck in the same place you started in pain and still suffering from a yeast infection. If you can use an oral yeast treatment, however, you can eliminate the messiness and know that your medical solution is a proven choice for women suffering from this problem.

Some oral medications are not a good choice for certain women because of the side effects involved. Just as with any other oral drug, you need to consult with your doctor and read the side effects to the pill before you ingest it for your own recovery process. There can be other alternative and natural solutions for your yeast treatment and candida cure that might be a good choice for you. Finally, if this is your first time struggling with the pain associated with a yeast infection, you need to consult with your doctor to be sure that you have the right diagnosis before you start to initiate treatment of the problem.

Many doctors will prescribe nystatin, fluconazole Diflucan or amphotericin B for the treatment of the yeast infection. Most often, Diflucan is a common oral medication given to women suffering from this infection. You can also look for a topical vaginal treatment to accompany the oral treatment.

Rarely will the oral treatment be given to the woman with a yeast infection as the first treatment option. The topical treatment will be offered first since it is effective and a non-prescriptive medication. However, since there is a species of bacteria becoming more resistant to this cream, the oral treatment is used to reduce the symptoms of this yeast problem. Also, many doctors will try to save the oral treatment choices for those who are taking chemotherapy due to cancer of have blood-borne infections like AIDS.

If you choose to take an oral medication for your yeast infection treatment plan, consider drinking buttermilk twice a day and eating more yogurt. These foods have been proven to reduce the symptoms of the infection. Also, stay out of wet clothes and keep the vaginal area as dry as possible to discourage the infection from growing more.

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