When to Seek an Infertility Specialist After Reversing Vasectomy?

An infertility specialist comes in action to help couples deal with pregnancy problems. In a vasectomy reversal, it is crucial to refer timely to an infertility-specialist to guide you towards achieving a successful pregnancy.

The pregnancy rate after reversing vasectomy varies upon several factors. The competency and expertise of your vasectomy reversal surgeon will determine the success of the operation. Additionally, the time interval between vasectomy and reversing vasectomy may also affect the viability of the sperm.
If vasectomy reversal comes without further complications, most couples will conceive a child successfully. In fact, the pregnancy rate after reversing vasectomy is as high as 65 percent. This is relatively good compared the 80 to 85 percent of natural pregnancy rate of couples who have not had a vasectomy reversal.
Vasectomy reversal has been an intricate health issue. Most men are concerned about their chances of producing offspring after reversing vasectomy.

Best time to consult an infertility-specialist when:
* Prior to vasectomy reversal and post vasectomy reversal you have been exposed to high dose of radiation.

* Semen analysis after reversing vasectomy reveals poor sperm quality and low sperm count. It is ideal to visit a specialist regularly.
* You have a testicular injury. specialist can give you proper medication. Or in a more complicated case, your infertility doctor can make the appropriate referral.

* You have a chronic medical Illness such as diabetes, hypertension, and cancer. Some are pharmacologic treatments interfere with reproductive ability. A specialist will give you a detailed analysis and make appropriate intervention.

* You develop varicole. Presence of varicose veins in the testicles hinders proper blood circulation within the genitals. As a result, the temperature in the scrotum increases thereby altering the quality of your sperm. Difficulty of conceiving a child due to varicole is reported at 15-40% of male infertility. After unsuccessful attempts to get your sexual partner pregnant, consult with an infertility-specialist for proper advice and treatment.

* You are a long-time fanatic of tight underwear. Wearing of tight underwear or tight jeans increases the temperature within your genitals. This consequently alters sperm quality and production. Go and confess to a specialist for proper intervention.

* You are a constant smoker. Sperm count of smokers is much lower than non- smokers. Consultation with a specialist might convince you to stop smoking.

* You are excessively drinking. Abundance of alcohol in the body may not only result to liver malfunction, it also causes your estrogen level to shoot up. This may alter sperm development and hormone levels. Your infertility specialist may advice you to submit sperm for analysis after 3-4 months of alcohol abstinence.

* You overdose yourself with soy products. Soy food contains phytoestrogen which decreases fertility.

* Your female partner is 35 yrs old and above. Woman becomes less fertile as she ages. An infertility specialist may suggest medical advice and alternatives.

* You are excessively drinking coffee. Great amount of caffeine may increase your chance of infertility. With an excessive coffee intake, sperm abnormalities may also arise. Consult your infertility-specialist to reverse the effects of caffeine in the body.
Do not expect pregnancy to happen immediately, especially after reversing vasectomy. As it normally takes time, obedience to the rules of increasing fertility is a must. A regular visit to a specialist is also advisable.

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