Why Is Alcohol Not Good for Teeth? Talk to Your Dentist


It was around that time of year when we were bombarded with parties, family celebrations, and impromptu get togethers. It was also when we tend to had more alcohol available to us than any other time of the year. While we know you understand the serious complications drinking too much alcohol may have on your body, all of us at Aesthetic Dental Arts in York PA want to make sure you also know how alcohol can affect your teeth.

Why Is Alcohol Not Good for Teeth?

Alcohol is naturally dehydrating – both to the body and to your mouth. When your mouth becomes dry, enough saliva isn’t produced. This is a problem. Saliva rids your mouth of unwanted, dangerous bacteria and neutralizes damaging acid. Without it, your teeth are vulnerable to acid attacks and decay. What’s more, alcohol is high in both sugar and acid. When you combine those ingredients and take away the saliva that’s meant to wipe them away, your teeth are left exposed to the dangers of enamel wear, decay, cavities, and more.

What Can it Do?

Over-consumption of alcohol not only increases the risk for decay and cavities, it may also lead to more serious oral health concerns like oral cancer and gum disease. In fact, recent research has shown that excessive drinkers are three times more likely to suffer from serious gum disease than a non-drinker. Gum disease is a dangerous problem that not only affects the mouth, but can lead to more complicated issues throughout the body like heart disease, increased risk for stroke, and diabetic complications.

How to Protect Your Smile?

Drink water during or after you have the drinks. Anything that’s going to dilute the acid is good, and water will dilute the acid. If you’ve had a big night out, drink lots of water the next day, too.
Don’t brush your teeth straight away after drinking – it’s the worst time, you’re going to be brushing away the enamel. Wait 60 minutes because your enamel’s been softened by the acid you’ve been given, and you don’t want to make it worse.
Limit Alcohol Consumption. The best way to avoid problems caused by alcohol is to reduce the amount you have.
At Aesthetic Dental Arts in York PA, we’re dedicated to the health of our patients – both their oral health and overall health. Many times the first signs of an alcohol problem show in the mouth. This is one reason we recommend keeping up with regular appointments. If you’re overdue on your checkups, give us a call at 717-755-4143. We’ll be happy to see you.

At Aesthetic Dental Arts, our team of experienced professionals work hard to make sure your visit is as pleasant and comfortable as possible and that you receive the very best care that dentistry has to offer. Dr. Sikander Singh provides a variety of dental restoration treatments and cosmetic dentistry procedures to give you back a healthy smile.


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