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Hi, Gina Bell here! If you’re highly motivated and ready to rock ‘n roll with your virtual event,
you’ll be interested in my new
*FAST TRACK* Consulting Program:

“Ready to move fast?
Let’s plan your event together today so you can enjoy the benefits starting tomorrow”

… a flood of new targeted subscribers; instant credibility and a ton of money too!

From: Gina Bell, Fun, Fame & Fortune Mentor
RE: Virtual Events Made Easy Fast Track Consulting

Dear Colleague,

If you’re reading this my guess is that the idea of WAITING for the 6-week Virtual Events Made Easy Program to start and unfold is just too much to bare. You’re ready to do this RIGHT NOW – if not yesterday!

And you would have done it already *BUT*… you’re just not sure what to do first – or next. And maybe, you worry that your ideas aren’t unique enough to stand out from all of the other virtual events out there right now. Perhaps, elements of the unknown and a desire for it to “really work” for you may even be keeping you stuck in procrastination and overwhelm.

Well, I can relate to every one of those statements and I would have loved to have had an experienced mentor to walk me through my first events. There are so many “lessons” I’ve learned along the way.

The good news is – you don’t have to make the same mistakes I did. You can jump start your virtual even immediately with my new fast track consulting option…

Together, for a full day, we will brainstorm and research unique topics and hooks that will capture the attention (and pocketbooks) of your most ideal customers.

We’ll map out an entire plan for implementation so that the following day (if not that evening), you can begin to bring your virtual event to life.

You know the Fast Track Program is a good fit for you if you are energetic, and motivated to take purposeful action on proven ideas. You want to leverage your time and money and that means investing in specialists to shorten the learning curve when possible. Collaborating with someone who’s been there done that makes good business sense.

Here Is Just SOME Of What We’ll Accomplish Together During Your Full Day Exclusive Consultation:

  • Brainstorm and decide on a virtual event topic and format.
  • Identify up to 10 highly qualified potential joint venture partners.
  • Determine your Virtual Event Pricing Strategy.
  • Create your Virtual Event Product/Service Funnel for maximum leverage.
  • Map preliminary communication flow re: attendees and joint venture partners. These are two related but distinct communication strategies. I’ll give you example email templates and scripts to model.
  • Explore and make decisions surrounding technology, systems and out-sourcing options.
  • Event website suggestions and resources.
  • Understand and leverage checklists, templates, and case studies.
  • Identify missing success ingredients (gaps) and create a plan to fill the holes.
  • And more as time and needs permit.


To Ensure Your Success, You Will Also Receive:

  • 4 – 30 minute follow up consultations (to be used within 90 days of our call)
  • Unlimited email coaching for 30 days following our consultation
  • Exposure of your Virtual Event on the VEME Blog
  • Invitation to a Private Social Networking Forum where you can brain storm and collaborate with other VEME participants, alumni and consultation graduates.


Okay Gina! The Fast Track Program Sound Perfect For Me? What Do I Need To Do Next?

The first thing you need to do is hurry and contact me a.s.a.p. to reserve the earliest space in my calendar. This is NOT a marketing ploy – its a fact that the number of consultations I can do in a given month is extremely limited. And, lets face it, the #1 reason you’re interested in the Fast Track Program is to speed up the process right?!

I can’t wait to connect with you because I absolutely LOVE collaborating with motivated entrepreneurs about Virtual Events… and I’m really good at it too.  Once you discover the power of a virtual event – you’ll want to do them over and over. The great thing about this strategy session is you’ll be able to move forward with future events quickly and easily! Together, we’re going to create marketing magic!

The best # to reach me at is 1-866-320-6397 or, email me using this website contact page form.

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