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‘Uh…let’s see here…,’ replied the sales clerk looking down at
his mom book, ‘er..s. Here we are. I’ll have them in the dressing
rooms for you shortly. Please, help yourself to some refreshments and
I’ll find you when they’re ready.’
I can tease you no longer. I wrap my lips around the areola and
start sucking the jelly off gently, then harder, then I am nibbling,
almost biting. You bring your hands up to my head, and move it to the
other mom nipple. I cannot resist your urgent desire. But I am not done
teasing. I let my tongue circle the nipple, not quite touching it,
tickling the hairs around it, as I slide slowly, very slowly, up and
down on your hard cock. I squeeze tightly on each stroke, stopping
just as I feel the head about to pull out. It feels exquisite! My
hands are on your arms, holding them down, out of the way, as I apply
my ministrations. My own extended nipples are brushing your stomach
softly in the rhythm of my movements. You can’t stand it anymore.
You bring your arms up to my head, and press my mouth forcefully, but
gently onto your aching nipple.
‘Please suck on it. Now.’ The urgency in your voice is an aphrodisiac,
and I begin sucking and biting, harder than I did before.

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He grabbed her mom thighs, trying to prize them apart, but they were too
strong. She eased her mom grip a little to allow him to breathe, then tightened
the hold more. He gasped as the air was slowly being cut off. He felt as
though his mom head was going to burst.

‘Hey what’s going on up there?’ asked Margaret. ‘I don’t know’,
answered Helen. ‘Looks like they are putting up a tower of some
kind’, Offered Leslie. ‘Boy I sure wouldn’t want to do that’,
said Margaret, looking at the two men who were half way up the
tower. ‘That blonde one is kinda cute’, said Helen. ‘Well, I’ll
take the brown haired one, then, If you don’t want him, said
Margaret. The girls had reason to be interested in these men,
they had gotten quite muscular over the years putting up TV
towers, and were stripped to the waist and had developed a rich
golden tan. ‘You girls always like those body builders, and I
don’t see why, when you get in bed with them, it’s one-two-screw,
and they are all done. They never give you a chance to get off’
objected Leslie. ‘Well, maybe that one might be more suited to
your tastes’, said Helen. ‘Which one?’. ‘Don’t you see, the
skinny one coming out of the little building.’ ‘Oh, yes, I see
him now’ said Leslie. ‘Come on, lets go for a swim’, said
Margaret, getting on the high board, and executing a somersault
into the water. The other mom girls joined in splashing and
laughing and having a generally good time.

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