Professional alcohol intervention services

Professional Alcohol Intervention Services

Watching loved ones struggle with alcoholism can be stressful for the family. Our Addiction Rehab provides professional intervention services for Anaheim residents, working closely with family and friends.

But what is an intervention? Simply defined, an intervention is a gathering of close friends and family where you explain the reality to your loved one.

  • The event is an organized one, in the hope of helping your loved ones acknowledge that they have a problem and hopefully encourage them to seek help.
  • Our interventions are meant to help out alcohol-dependent individuals understand their addiction and not as a way to judge or attack them personally.

At the Our Addiction Rehab, we have found that there is a fine line between helping too much and too little as not finding the right balance can often backfire – it’s all about the timing.

The Right Time Is Now! Seek Help Immediately!

An important factor when planning an intervention is timing. How do you know when to stage the intervention? Should you wait for a disaster to happen or stop them in time?

If you find signs of alcoholism in a loved one, it is best to approach us immediately than to risk ruining relationships. We can help you plan and execute interventions in a variety of settings.

How Our Professional Intervention Service Works

We can arrange interventions for Anaheim residents personally or professionally, with first consultations usually offered for free. The Our Addiction Rehab is more than happy to hear out your situation and make recommendations.

  • Our clinical intervention services are organized in a structured manner, starting with training sessions for family and friends.
  • We assist the main intervention group in choosing an appropriate form of treatment and help write their intervention letters.
  • Our professional interventionists brainstorm and discuss possible objections, suitable solutions as well as consequences to the event. They also coordinate and rehearse the intervention while finding suitable treatment options according to the family’s budget.

Our intervention services can make arrangements for travel and help escort Anaheim residents to our treatment facility.

Comprehensive Intervention Services from Our Addiction Rehab 

We offer you a range of free, low-cost and professionally organized interventions.

  • Regular consultation

If you are still in doubt about staging an intervention, you can continue working with us on a regular basis and avail our hourly consultation services. You can choose from telephonic consultations and personal visits to get any follow up questions answered by our professional interventionists.

  • Team preparation

If you want to stage the intervention without the presence of our professional, you can opt for training and education from our interventionists through conference calls. These indirect training sessions last up to three hours and are a great way to train and unify your intervention team.

  • Case management

For alcoholics with a history of rehab and relapses, case management on an ongoing basis is important. Professional Anaheim intervention services offered by Our Addiction Rehab  provide continuity through consultation and counseling at home or the workplace for several weeks.

  • Recovery

As the days after returning home are crucial and often require close attention, we provide recovery training and mentoring to prevent relapse.

The Our Addiction Rehab offers professional intervention services for Anaheim residents to help get over their addiction by following an effective step-by-step process. 

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