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Today reimbursements are headed down, and as your reimbursements are decreasing, your costs continue to increase. In any service business, the biggest expense is a firm’s staff. While it’s true that your staff is the heart of your company, do you have an accurate accounting of what the actual costs are?

There are many components that make up the total loaded cost for a Full Time Employee. Salary is the largest and most obvious one, but do you account for the real estate they occupy, benefits, taxes and the management “think time” for managing the staff?

In today’s competitive environment your firm must focus on where it adds the most value and eliminate anything that is not working to contribute directly to your bottom line.

So where is the actual value that you bring? For your customers what matters is how much and how fast you collect for them. But there are also intangibles such as customer service, reporting and your relationship with them. So the staff that engages directly with your customers – your “customer facing” team is what really counts.

The staff entering charges and demographics, posting payments, calling insurance companies are a big part of your Business Process, but are invisible to your customer. What matters is the results they produce – it needs to be accurate and provided in a timely manner.

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