25 great blogs on urology

As a medical field that focuses on all aspects of the urinary tracts of men and woman and the reproductive systems of men, urology can be a very diverse field. For many, it can also be interesting and important. From preventative tips to general information, there are a number of blogs out there that are designed to help you learn more about urology. Finding them can be difficult thanks to the huge number of blogs on the web. To make it easier for you to find them, here is a list of the twenty five best blogs focusing on urology.

Blogs from Doctors
Many urologists feel that it is important to share their knowledge with those in need of it, and blogs are a great way to do just that. These blogs are written by urologists and strive to help you understand basic principles of urology.

  1. Dr. Schoor’s Urology Blog – This urology blog is written by Dr. Richard A. Schoor and focuses on all aspects of urology.
  2. Dr. Neil Baum’s Urology Blog – Dr. Neil Baum uses this blog to spread the word about urology and to keep you informed on the subject.
  3. Uro Stream – This blog is written by a female urologist and while it hasn’t been recently updated, it is still filled with interesting information.
  4. New York Uro – Dr. Gratas answers basic questions about urology here on his blog.
  5. Hokie MD – This blog is written by a urology resident and details their life as well as the subject of urology from the eyes of a new entrant into the field.
  6. Blogs from Organizations

    A variety of different health oriented organizations host blogs, some dealing with urology from time to time and others focused solely on urology. Here are some of the best blogs ran by medical organizations.

  7. The Male Room – WebMD hosts this blog from Dr. Sheldon Marks. It focuses on all aspects of male health, including urology based questions about topics like vasectomies, prostate cancer, and more.
  8. NeuroUroGastro Preclinical Research – This blog is a bit more technical but focuses on a variety of pelvic conditions including those that fall under the umbrella of urology.
  9. About.Com Urology – This urology blog is hosted on About.com and posts updates on the field of urology.
  10. Doctor’s Lounge Urology – The urology section of the Doctor’s Lounge website is home to numerous posts from various doctors concerning urology.
  11. Associates in Urology – On this blog nine different certified urologists post about various aspects of urology
  12. Sea Spray Urology Blog – A blog that deals with the importance of urology and communication within the field.
  13. History of Endoscopy– Endoscopy is a technique used in a variety of different urological procedures, and this site covers all aspects of it as well as its use in urology.
  14. Health Boards – Not quite a blog but much more than a website, the urology message boards have numerous discussions on the topic including questions and answers related to it.
  15. Specialists in Urology – This site is filled with testimonials from urology patients that help you understand what to expect from your urologist no matter what your specific condition may be.
  16. MedHelp Urology – The urology section of the MedHelp site features blog postings as well as answers to urology questions from a professional urologist, and can answer a variety of the most commonly asked urology related questions.
  17. Johns Hopkins Medical – A subsection of the Johns Hopkins site that focuses on all aspects of urology and has a variety of different topics.

  18. Blogs on Specific Conditions

    These blogs focus on specific conditions related to urology, some written by doctors and some written by patients suffering from the conditions. They can help you learn what to expect from various illnesses if you’re diagnosed with one.

  19. Kidney Stones Blog – A blog focused on covering all aspects of kidney stones.
  20. Urinary Tract Blog – This blog focuses on a variety of topics related to the urinary tract.
  21. Bladder Cancer at Johns Hopkins – A blog focusing on bladder cancer from Johns Hopkins
  22. Bladder Cancer at WebCafe – WebCafe’s regularly updated blog on all things related to bladder cancer.
  23. The Prostate Cancer Blog – A blog that allows anyone to submit content. It’s filled with info on prostate cancer.
  24. MedicineWorld Prostate Cancer – The prostate cancer blog at the MedicineWorld site. Regularly updated with news, content, and information.
  25. ProstaBlog – This blog is kept fairly current and focuses on living with prostate cancer as well as updates concerning news and developments related to it.
  26. Urinary Health Blog – This blog covers all aspects of urinary health and answers a number of related questions.
  27. Can Be Cured – This health blog’s urinary health section is filled with information on good urinary health and can help you identify symptoms, recognize problems, and understand more about the subject.

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