Pediatric Healthy Lifestyles Program

Adults are not the only ones who suffer from weight problems in today’s fast-paced world. A large number of America’s children and teens are over the recommended weight. Unlike adults who can restrict calories to lose weight, children’s need for nutrition to support growing bodies is very different. Weight problems may also stem from a sedentary lifestyle, hereditary conditions or be the result of other health conditions.

Sutter Children’s Center provides a medically sound, nutritionally balanced approach to weight management customized for each child. Patients referred to the Pediatric Healthy Lifestyles Program receive a medical assessment before being put on any weight control or exercise program. Once fitness level and physical conditions have been established, a pediatric dietitian works individually with each child to provide a program that balances a child’s nutritional needs with a sensible weight management plan. Children are their families are then invited to participate in a 6-week group behavioral management program which includes food and nutrition activities with a pediatric dietitian, exercise/play activities with an exercise physiologist and emotional/social support with a pediatric clinical social worker. On-going follow up support and encouragement within the community is available through a mentoring program co-sponsored by community partners.

The Pediatric Healthy Lifestyles Program operates under the medical direction of board-certified pediatric endocrinologist “, who is supported by an interdisciplinary team of specialists.

For more information about the Pediatric Healthy Lifestyles Program, call (916) 733-1025. Additional information on ” and ” is available through our health information section.

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